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About this Book:

PRACTICAL FRENCH (Book with audio contents)

Designed for English-speaking learners with or at any level of education for the mastery of the skills for communication in French.

This self-explanatory and self-teaching book will take any Anglophone (STUDENT or NON-STUDENT) learner of French in or from any country through developing the abilities to:
(i) listen to understand,
(ii) speak to be understood,
(iii) read to understand and
(iv) write to be understood.
It will also enable the students (schooling) and candidates to pass various French examinations and tests well.

You can have the entire book together with its audio contents on your Android or iOS device (such as smartphone, tablet, etc.) within our mobile App “BWI Books” on Google Play Store or Apple Store:

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More about the book:

PRACTICAL FRENCH book (including audio contents) is made to suit learners at/from the beginner or intermediate level in learning French to the mastery of the language. This book contains all that is needed for any English-speaker who needs/wants to learn, or who is already learning French from/in any country, to acquire the skills to use or to communicate fluently in French.

As for the students doing French as subject at various levels in schools, this book will help them pass various examinations and tests having to do with the language very well, while it enables them build a strong foundation and develop proficiency and fluency in French.

With the audio contents included in this pack of book + virtual CD, the learner (whether students or non-student) will be able to learn French easily on their own, or with a teacher, in a class, at home/office or at any place suitable for learning, to develop the four skills needed to use French in all aspects and in any situation.

Professionals, business-people, executives as well as students across Togo, Benin Republic, Ghana, Nigeria, and many other countries around the world, who have used this book, have testified to the effectiveness of learning French with this book.

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(On the Back Cover Page of the Book)

French is a major international language of Science, Commerce, Industry, Diplomacy and Technology. French is today a prerequisite for employment in international organizations such as UN, ECOWAS, INTERPOL, AU, The World Bank, FIFA, The Olympic Games International Committee, Diplomacy, and a plus in today's job market.

It is also a tool for socioeconomically and personal integration, for business communication, for cultural exchange and tourism, and for personal development as being a language spoken by a large number of people everywhere around the world.

This book gives you both the practical and theoretical knowledge of the language in a clear and simple way.

If you are a student or a member of the general public, learning or interested in learning French, go for Bright Practical French.

This book is:

  • Comprehensive and self-explanatory
  • Includes a phonetic guide for pronunciation
  • Includes information about the French-speaking world


Segun Emmanuel Ahouannoukon is a (French/English) language teacher and instructor.

He is a passionate entrepreneur and the promoter of BRIGHT WORLD INTERNATIONAL

He has authored several other school and personal development books in French and in English.

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