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About us

We are an organization that started between December, 2006 and January, 2007. The organization is founded on a vision of a bright future for the individuals, that is, the members of the society, when they apply their potentials to attain this (bright future). So, it is of the mission of Bright World international to influence/inspire the society positively in order to provoke self-development within individuals.

Self-development will bring positive attitudes and competences, and positive attitude with competence will bring development to the society and good quality of life to the "self-developed" individual, accordingly.

We emphasize on "self" because we believe that the interest, or the will, of the individual should first be engaged for the process of development to be effective. The influence and inspiration to bring about self-development is the ultimate aim of every activity carried out, and every product and service offered by Bright World International and its subsidiaries.

Our domains of interest (Education - Leadership - Industry) are anchored to the fundamentals, that is, the Core Values upon which BRIGHT WORLD INTERNATIONAL is built.

The scope of the vision of Bright World International shall span across Africa and beyond, and we shall unfold new fields of activity aiming singularly at attaining our vision, at appropriate times.

Our Subsidiaries and Units

The BRIGHT EDUCATION & DEVELOPMENT SERVICES initiates and/or participates (as coordinator) in the activities and projects targeted at the spiritual (or psychological), intellectual and physical, that is, the three-dimension development of the individual at all levels in the school and outside the school environments. The activities carried out for this purpose include seminars, workshops, excursions and other forms of informative events, while the projects are geared towards researching or detecting the problems that are hindering the development (of the individual in their context), and attempting to address or providing solutions to these problems, through capacity-building.

The BRIGHT MEDIA is concerned with interpreting and rendering the facts, findings and the concepts of the vision of Bright World International in the easiest possible way to assimilate, and in their most-accessible forms, for the purpose of development. Bright Media intervenes in the projects of all the other subsidies, units and departments of Bright World International, while the services (including Language Translation, Media Productions and Consultancy) are also available to the general public.

The BRIGHT WORLD PRESS is set to deliver high standard productions in printing and publishing. The Bright World Press handles all publishing, printing and related works, ranging from the production of textbooks, exercise/notebooks of different types in soft and hard covers, and other printed materials and stationery. Our Services are available to both individuals and corporate organizations (including educational institutions/schools).

The BRIGHT FUTURE® Educational Materials is a brand whose name reflects the effect of its products on the users. This is because we aim primarily at inculcating brilliancy into the users, who are mostly young people or students, by inspiring them through the design, quality and contents or uses of these products. The BRIGHT FUTURE® Educational Materials now range from books, electronics, other print and electronic media and special services, and programmes (for that aim). In this spirit, we will continue to provide school, general education and information materials adapted to the needs and realities of education today.

The BRIGHT EDUCATIONAL EXCURSION PROGRAMME is designed to expose the youth/students to practical life experiences, relevant knowledge, and to equip them with what is needed to be prepared for success in life. The (national or international) destinations we propose, and the organisation of the excursions, depend on the following three CATEGORIES (OF CHOICE) as the group participating in the excursion may opt for:

  1. Natural Sciences
  2. French Language
  3. Civics/Leadership


Changes in people's attitudes that effect sustainable development in all areas of life across Africa


To positively influence people's mindset in order to promote development through information, education and inspiration by the contents and qualities of our products/services.


  • Vision/Purpose
  • Faith
  • knowledge (with understanding)
  • Practical Skills
  • Endurance
  • Sacrifice
  • Efficiency
  • Excellence


We always seek excellence, almost perfection, in all we do; so, we do things a new and better way, no matter what it takes.