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Do business with us

Whatever your discipline, interest or line of work, there is always a place for a mutual-benefit partnership or employment opportunities for you in Bright World International. Click any of the following, according to your preference, to see and choose an area you wish to seize the opportunity for a job or partnership with us today:

  • Buy & Sell Our Products and Services to Earn Money
    You can be a full-time distributor or retailer of our products or services: you would purchase the product(s) at a discounted rate and sell this (these) at the market price for profit; when it is a service, you can act like an agent, that is, you negotiate the service for us with the customer to make money. If you have interest or any idea of how this can work for you, please contact us today.
  • Investment Opportunities
    You can invest money (for profit) into Bright World International if your purpose is just to make money, or to do business with your money, or if you are strongly interested in our vision in a way that you want to be a part of it.

Out of a strong interest in our vision, you may think of supporting us by investing your money into Bright World International. This investment will not be without profit for you, because we will pay you the dividend or interest for your financial investment, proportionally (10%) and regularly (every six months). Investment into our Bright World International can be done by an individual or a corporate body. There are three possible ways you can invest in BRIGHT WORLD INTERNATIONAL:

  1. By depositing your fund into our system
    We provide everything, and do every necessary framework with your full involvement to guarantee the security of your fund. You can withdraw your (deposited) fund from the system anytime you want to. In addition to the dividend or interest you are paid, there are other benefits for investing or depositing your money into Bright World International. For more and detailed information, contact us today.
  2. By acquiring shares in Bright World International
    If you are interested in being a shareholder in Bright World International, contact us today.
  3. By financing a specific project of Bright World International
    You can finance a particular project (of your choice) of Bright World International and earn profit on your investment. For you to inform your interest and decide whether you would want to finance this or that project of Bright World International, you can subscribe with us today for this option, so that we communicate with you anytime there is project that would require your partnership in this aspect. Contact us today for more information and to subscribe.
  • You Have Job/Employment Opportunities
    You can be employed in the Marketing Department of Bright World International as a Marketing Officer, Marketing Representative or a Sales Office Manager on a full-time basis. You can as well work with us as a Marketer on a per-time basis or start a business of distribution with us. Contact us today for more details, if you are interested in these opportunities.
  • Get Contracts
    As an organization of many parts, we normally segment our markets, that is, we mean a specific product or service for a specific kind of people. It is therefore our practice to contract the distribution or sales of a particular product or service of ours to an individual or corporate body that is capable and in the best position to do this successfully (to a segment of market). So, if you know any of our products and services, and you think your position, your environment, or your connections will make you a successful carrier of this product or service to a particular group of people at your reach, contact us today! We will negotiate with you and give you the Contract of Distribution of that product or service to the group of people you aim at.
  • Earn Money by Selling our Products & Services
    You can be a full-time distributor or retailer or our products or services: you would purchase the product(s) at a discounted rate and sell this (these) at the market price for profit. When it is a service, you can act like an agent, that is, you negotiate the service with us for the customer to make money. Do you have interest or any idea? Contact us today!
  • Earn Money by Promoting or Recommending our Products
    Once you are convinced with the excellent quality of our products and services, you can recommend this to others; you can earn money by doing this when your recommendation leads to the actual sale of that particular product of ours you had recommended.

You can as well promote the products, services and activities of Bright World International by organizing publicities, or creating awareness for any of these products, services or activities of your choice. This can fetch you good money!

If you have any idea about, or if you have seen any opportunity of promoting our products, services or activities, contact us to know the amount of money you stand to earn, as you let us know your plan, today.

  • You Can Get/Give Solutions
    If your occupation or discipline involves educating, dispensing education to people in any way, or even if you are still a student, you too can be a part of our vision by:
    • Contributing ideas, writings, … into our publications and activities;
    • Proposing and/or participating in the development of educational materials such as textbooks, self-development publications, magazines and other forms of materials that will help develop the student(s) (or the individual(s));
    • Reporting to us any problem or need known to you in the (or your) school environment(s);
    • Recommending any of our products or services in order to solve a problem or meet a need;
    • Consulting us, or recommending us for consultancy services to others;
    • Getting your suggestions or comments to us on our products, services and activities;
    • Etc.

    You stand a lot of benefits for doing any of the above. You can contact us today to inquire about how you can partner with us in that area of your interest.

  • You have Job/Employment Opportunities
    You can work with us if you are experienced or qualified in teaching, textbook development, translation, book illustration, book editing, counseling, pedagogy or curriculum development, cartoon production, computer programming, educational article writing, … and related fields. To inquire about a job opportunity or vacancy in any of the above-listed fields, contact us today. You can also subscribe with us, waiting for the next vacancy in your field/discipline.
You can write books (or develop other materials) for Bright World Press to publish. As a educator, speaker or any other professional, if you have an idea or a project to publish, which relate to our vision, or as a teacher teaching, or having taught) at any level of education, you can be given the opportunity to work with the Bright Education and Development Services to develop teaching, learning or self-development materials and textbooks. Your work or effort will be protected and you will enjoy the full benefit it shall bring to you.

Do you have any idea about how you can benefit from, identify with, participate or contribute in the Vision of Bright World International, whatever your profession? Contact us today to be a part of us!!!